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Meet our owners

Initially my interest was peaked because of the quality of the product and nature of the workshop venue, and I was looking for a wake to own a business in the FUN category!
Mary Little
AR Workshop Roseville
Having been a part of the corporate sector for years, I learned so much about business development, leadership and execution but never really had the chance to fully utilize those sekills with freedom and full involvement like owning an AR Workshop.
Samatha Montgomery
AR Workshop Columbia
The sisterhood between the owners is like no other. I might own my own AR Workshop but I have a team of other owners that want me to succeed and support me on my journey.
Deanna Chumacera
Ar Workshop Huntington Beach
My favorite part is connecting with others. People join our workshps for a variety of reasons - celebrations, therapy, to gain knowledge, to connect, to create.. We continue to design & develop projects which invite them back time and time again.
Beth Drinkwater
I wanted to make my hobby my job! I wanted to have a safe space where everyone could gather, feel welcome and be creative! Nothing feels better than to empower others to build and create.
Jessica Estes
I wanted to own an AR Workshop because I love to throw parties and entertain people, and I feel like the workshop is one big pARty!
Julie Yowza
When COVID-19 hit, I watched as our Leadership Team pivoted & found creative ways to bring DIY to people who wanted it. Had it not been for their quick thinking, a lot of owners may not have made it, so for that, I know I made the right choice to be an AR Workshop Franchisee.
Jewel Juachan
My favorite part of owning an AR Workshop is being provided every single resource and tool needed to run a successful business. The ARW leadership team is amazingly helpful every step of the way.
Amanda Borges

owner highlights

Meet Katie Nguyen Wells of AR Workshop alexandria!

Leveraging her corporate consulting career, experience running her own event styling business, and love for DIY, Katie brings a great blend of business sense, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to her role.

When she’s not ‘working’, Katie is always on a ‘treasure hunt for unique home decor and loves scouring flea markets and yard sales seeking inspiration for her next home project.  She is often spotted exploring Virginia’s countryside with her husband John and their kids Cole (11) and Lila (9).  Family jaunts, prosecco, picnicking at local wineries and breweries, casual entertaining at home, and al-fresco dining in and around Old Town Alexandria are some of Katie’s favorite things.

Meet Joanna Rapuzzi of AR Workshop Westfield

Joanna is a mom of two young boys and an avid DIY-lover. She had a successful career in corporate America for years. When she was introduced to AR Workshop by her step-mother, she couldn’t get it out of her head and had to explore the concept. Within months of visiting AR Workshop Pineville, she had completely revamped and renovated her space in downtown Westfield to shine the AR Workshop vibe. She is thrilled with the response the community has had!

Meet Jen Amin and Jen Perino – co-owners of 4 AR Workshop locations in Northville, Rochester, Milford and now Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jen (Amin) is a high energy, business minded, boy-mom. When she isn’t bringing her (3) adorable sons to and from sports games and practices or helping her husband at one of their 2 restaurants they own, Jen is focused on running the operations of her workshop locations.  With a medical sales background and business degree, as her family grew her needs for flexibility increased. Her entrepreneurial spirit was set on fire.

Owner, Jen (Perino), is a passionate and strategic minded half of this duo.  Her kids keep her busy and are often found by her side at the workshop while Jen runs the business.  Jen’s occupational therapy career quickly turned a corner when she decided to join Jen Amin in business on this exciting adventure!

Meet Ashley & Matt Bonte, owner of AR Workshop Lexington, SC.

When Ashley and Matt stepped away from the classroom to open their very first AR Workshop, they knew they wanted to stay involved in their community. What better way than to provide a fun, relaxed environment where you get your DIY on with power tools!

Ashley has always been a go-getter, filling her calendar with as much as possible. Matt is the perfect balance as he knows which ideas are worth their time and helps execute them. Being able to work together is their biggest joy, and having their 2 year old at the shop hammering away at the wood is a bonus! Getting to DIY every night may sound like the perfect job, but it’s perfect beyond that for this couple. It’s more about the friendships that they have made along the way, and seeing the direct results of all their hard work.

Meet Rebecca Nehrbas, owner of AR Workshop Newtown

Rebecca has an Event Marketing background, which spans over 14 years in the promotional industry. Her expertise with experiential marketing, creative design of high profile events and her own personal LOVE of DIY projects makes her an ideal candidate for bringing an AR Workshop to the Philadelphia area! As an added bonus, Rebecca is cousins with Jennifer Perino, one of the owners of our Northville, Rochester & Milford Michigan’s AR Workshops!

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