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We know you are going to love the versatility of our new AR Workshop release–switchable home décor! That’s right, swap art! This fresh new project allows you to create 18×18″ framed background signs with countless 10×10 plank options to swap out seasonally! Check out how awesome this new release is below.

interchangeable wood signs diy home decor

Check out how simple the concept is!

  1. Just pick your favorite 18 x 18″ background.
  2. Choose a favorite 10 x 10″ center design.
  3. Choose a 2nd favorite 10 x 10″ center design.
  4. DIY the chosen background and center designs and enjoy swapping out your art during the year!
  5. Repeat for many different designs!

Choose Your Background(s):

Then Choose Your Swappable Designs (There are hundreds of 10 x 10 designs to choose from, but here are some examples):

Check out a few combination examples below:

Which switchable home decor art are you going to make first? We can’t wait to see!